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Support message by Samurai lord(Niigata prefecture)

Support message by Samurai lord(Niigata prefecture)

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From Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, we send our encouragement by the "Echigo-Joetsu Uesugi Omotenashi Busyoutai".
They are Samurai lord active in the ruins of Kasugayama Castle, the former residence of Uesugi Kenshin, a famous warlord of the Warring States Period.
Warriors in armor and other gear make one's heart pound with excitement with their words and every action.
The video, which shows the warriors' powerful shouts, is ideal for sending a support message to your friends or someone.

  • Video Details
    -Number of performers: 3 *You cannot choose the performers.
    -Duration: 1 min or less
    -Props: Armor, sword or Japanese fan
    -Content: Samurai lord shout a powerful shouts after the message
     Luxury: Minimum of 5 people (Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.)

Please check this website to meet the Samurais.
"Echigo-Joetsu Uesugi Omotenashi Busyoutai" official website:

*Please note that the brightness of the video may differ from the image in the video due to weather conditions.

*Due to scheduling constraints, delivery may take up to two weeks.


-We will reject any message that contains political, international, religious, violent, or obscene language, or offensive or offensive language to others.

-Do not post this video in advertisements (uploading to Social media, YouTube, etc. is fine).

-Due to the specifications of the store website, you will be required to enter your address when making a purchase.

-It may take up to 10 days to receive the video depending on the shooting conditions at the locations.

-The video may change from what is described on this page due to weather conditions or the availability of the performers on the day of filming. Please understand this in advance.

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