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Yasugibushi Theatre "Dojo Sukui Dance" (Shimane prefecture)

Yasugibushi Theatre "Dojo Sukui Dance" (Shimane prefecture)

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From Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture, comes a message from the Yasugibushi Theatre "Dojo Sukui Dance".
"Dojo Sukui Dance" is a traditional Japanese dance based on the movements of scooping up loach in a stream, performed to the tune of Yasugibushi, a typical local folk song.
The familiar call of "Ara, e-sassa-sa~" is used to enliven the Dojo Sukui Dance, which is accompanied by singing, shamisen, drums, and other instruments.
The message of the Dojo Sukui Dance, which is well known throughout Japan, is sure to bring out a burst of laughter.

  • Video Details
    -Number of performers: about 5 persons
    -Duration: 1 min or less
    -BGM: Live music available
    -Props: Bamboo strainer, bamboo basket .etc
    -Content: The message will be delivered along with "Dojo Sukui Dance" (male dance) set to Yasugibushi, and the message will also appear from Biku(bamboo basket) at the end!
     Luxury: In addition to the male dancers, two female dancers will join them.

To see the local Dojo Sukui dance, please visit this site.
Yasugibushi Engeikan, a hall of fame for live Yasugibushi performances official website:


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